Avari Cattery is proud to announce that on the 29th of April a litter of Burmilla kittens was born!

We have 4 adorable and healthy boys. If you dream about your own and beautiful Burmilla, feel free to contact us at:



After the show

We are sooooo happy with our Sopot Show results!

The visitors at the show hall were very interested in Burmillas. We have answered many questions about the breed, their character, etc. We had great time talking to all the cat lovers and our Burmillas presented themselves gracefully. In conclusion, we started a waiting list for Burmilla kittens for next year. 🙂

In addition, the judges appreciated our Burmillas. As a result, we finished the Cat Show with excellent judgement results and nominations to Best in Show panel on both days!



Now we are resting after the exciting weekend. Our cats are checking out the new catio which was finished just few days ago. This way they can fully enjoy the summer weather and the garden space.


Queene – best in show!

During the last weekend we took part in the International Cat Show in Tczew (Poland).

Our Queene (Queen of Sheba Simran of Avari) was the only burmilla on the show, but the judges loved her so much that in the end she was rewarded with the prize for Best in Show Youngster on both days of the Show, with all votes of the judges!

We are sooo proud of our little girl !

See you soon at the next Cat Shows 🙂

Burmilla Breed Show – Barneveld 2019

It is very rare to have more than 8 to 10 burmillas in the Cat Show. Sometimes, maybe in Czech Republic, it could happen….
But this year was very lucky, as the Dutch cat club – Mundikat – has organised a Burmilla Breed Show during the International Cat Show i Barneveld (Netherlands). I was so happy being invited to such event!

It was amazing to be able to meet burmilla breeders from around Europe, to talk to them, to exchange experience, to learn from the most experienced breeders of this breed. And – most of all – to see 25 amazing burmilla cats and be able to learn about the breed and its exterior from the breeders and the judges too.

We really hope to meet burmillas more often at the cat shows, and meet more breeders interested in this fantastic breed 🙂

So far – great memories, and new friends !




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